The Elementary Curling League season has started at the Dawson Creek Curling Rink.  Crescent Park has 7 teams enrolled this year which is the largest number of teams and students that we have ever had.  The League itself has also broken a record by having 21 teams altogether and over 80 students curling.  Game play is every Thursday from 3:20 – 4:30 pm until the month of March.  Thank you to all Parents, Parent Volunteers and Youth Coaches for your time/dedication to the sport and the kids!

Curling Teams 2018-2019

Ice Flash                                                              Super Sliders

Yzabella Moser                                                      Aidan Fowler

Daylee Whyte                                                         Sophia Toscano

Courtney Watson                                                  Easton Wedderburn


Coach –  Mr. Heydens                                          Coach – Doug Fowler


The Wild Sweepers                                       The Frozen Gems

Payton Freeman                                                   Brooklynn Van Welzen

Taylor Shaw                                                           Darrien Gold

Kaelyn Jones                                                         Cameron Danchuk


Coach – Stacey Shaw                                            Coach – Carson Freeman


Icy Ninjas                                                           The Schoolers

Robert Bradley                                                        Caleb Jacobs

Khyden Mattson                                                     Lucas Barr

Nathan Mitchell                                                     Sophia Van Welzen

Owen Longelin                                                       Kenzie Bragg


Coach – Sue Wakeham                                        Coach – Stephanie Sironen


The Bolts

Alex Smith

Alex Knutson

Kale Sutton


Coach – Crystal Hardy