Crescent Park House Teams

At Crescent Park students are placed on one of four house teams.  Throughout the year our school Leadership students plan events such as Pajama Day or Twin Day.  If students participate they earn points for their house team.  Our house teams are:



The bear is the protector of the forest. The bear symbolizes family and strength. The bear is also a powerful creature, which is why it is viewed as the protector in the animal community. It is a respected member of the animal community and can sometimes be referred to as the elder or a person that has passed knowledge on to someone else. The bear is known for its ability to fight to protect its young and will be extremely fierce. The bear is seen as a teacher to teach its young to hunt, fish salmon and collect berries.



The eagle is the ruler of the sky. The eagle symbolizes grace, power and has great intellectual abilities. The eagle is sacred, wise and prestigious within the animal community. The eagle can be seen as a symbol of chieftainship as many families inherit the right to use the eagle as a family crest. The eagle has the ability to share foresight and is a sign of good times to come. To see an eagle is a sign of good fortune.



The whale is the guardian of the sea. The whale is known to help not only people in need, but the wounded as well. The whale symbolizes kindness, intelligence, and compassion. Whales are also powerful creatures. They often hunt in families or “pods”. The Whale has earned its nickname, the “Sea wolf” because it hunts in packs like the wolf. Since the whale has strong family bonds with other whales it also can be seen as a symbol for unity and goodness. It is said to be splashed by an orca whale is to ensure great luck and happiness.



The wolf is known for his intelligence, leadership and strong sense of family values as well as being a great team player. It is also known to have strength in relationships. The wolf symbolizes perseverance, intuition, and success.  Since the wolf travels in packs, the wolf is an excellent leader. As a result, the wolf is excellent when working as a team and they are known for taking down prey that is larger. This makes the wolf a fierce competitor in the animal kingdom.